Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Confession Time

Wednesday Confessions! I looooove me some confessions and I love me some hashtags too.

I'm sitting her with a wheezing cat who sounds like he needs a CPAP machine. I really want to get him one. I also want to do a day in the life of my cat. It look something like this.

8am - 7pm: Sleep on the bed
7pm - 10 pm: Sit on Lara's lap and make typing awkward
10pm - 11pm: Lick crotch
12am: Beat on the bedroom door while everyone is sleeping
12:15 am: Come into the bedroom, lay on Lara's legs making it impossible to roll over
2:15am: Beat on the door to go got
2;45am: Beat on the door to come in
3 am: Get thrown in the upstairs bathroom
7am: Get out of the bathroom and trot to the food bowl


Alright, on to confessions.

1. I have almost lost hope on being able to find decent employees to interview. Yesterday one of the guys said "dick". As in, when asked where the college he attended was, he said "Not to be a dick but it's on blah blah street." Le sigh, now you don't get a job.

2. This is kind of a big confession but Kev and I are considering moving. is mom has been thinking about living down here part of the year and wanted to build an extension on our house. We chatted and I think it makes more sense for us to move to a house that has a 1st floor master or a separate suite, I love where we live but there are a lot of things I would change about this house and honestly, moving might be better. #Ihatemoving

I can't. And I want an updated kitchen with dark cabinets and light granite counter tops. 

3. I DON'T understand the obsession with 50 Shades of Grey. I just don't. Let me be a little blunt and break it down. It's porn. Or Erotica, whatever you want to call it. Let's just call it what it is. You can find porn, practically everywhere now days. If you want to watch porn, awesome, watch all the porn you want. Want to read porn? Go to town. Just because there's a tie on the cover, and not a chesty blonde doesn't make classier. #Ivesaidporneightytimesandimgoingtogetallsortsofspam

It's like when romance novels realized that when they only put a male model on the cover that the sales skyrocketed. Why? Because women imagined themselves with the studly man. #Fabiowasthefirst

4. I have a fleece blanket with a giant Big Bird head on it. I call it the Birdy Blankey and it lives on the floor of my bedroom and I put it over just me when I get cold. It adds an extra layer that Kev doesn't want. I've had that thing, no lie, since college. A bunch of us bought them at maybe Wal-Mart for $10. That dang thing has held up a really long time.

5. I hate birds. Really, I hate all birds with their little bodies and light bones that let them fly. Hate, hate, hate. You know why else? Because after an admittedly long time I got my car cleaned on Saturday. THEN on Monday 17 birds had a poop party all over my car. It's in different places and I KNOW more than one bird was responsible. Birds are jerks.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Low Carb Pancakes and a non-eventful Weekend

Back to the grind for another week of work. Thankfully I really like my job, even though I have to write reviews this week. Oh the joys of review time. Right now I'm trying to blog with a cat on my lap and one curled up next to me. They have no sense of personal space. Everything is their space.

My exercise was pretty non-existent this week and I'm OK with that. I had a busy few days and the evenings I had free, I didn't feel like adding another thing to my day. Sometimes you just have to make peace with it and just accept that you can't do all the things.

Instead I tried to catch up on some blogging and KD stuff. I mostly succeeded. :)

Friday night Kev and I went out to dinner. We tried to go to Vinnie's for steak but didn't have a reservation, which was no bueno. Instead we went to Couquette which was super disappointing, I ordered the steak tartare which I always get and it was gross. They added WAY too much mustard and it was over powering, I sent it back and the chef said, "too bad, that's the way we make it". Seriously? I've eaten it there before as well as at may other French restaurants and it never tasted like that. Ewwww.... I remember working in restaurants and dealing with cocky chefs, they're a pain but it really put a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the meal. We won't be back.

Saturday morning I had an acupuncture appointment and when I got home I sat on my butt most of the day and worked on my cross stitch. I can't stop and I want it finished. The end is in sight and I already bought the frame to hang it in my bathroom. Let me tell you, my fat cat loves nothing more that to sit awkwardly on my lap and bat at the string as I'm working. It's the only exercise he gets aside from stuffing his face and beating on doors, so I guess it's a good thing.

I also made these killer low carb pancakes that are really really close to the real thing.They even look like real pancakes!

Kev had to leave early Sunday morning so it was just me and the animals all day. I went grocery shopping, bought the dog some treats and me some new running sunglasses.

Headed out for my run around 130 and I think I did 3.5 miles. My Garmin wasn't charged and I used my Nike+ app. I ran the trail and I KNOW that from the start of the trail to the bathroom it's 1.87 miles. That's what my Garmin always says. The app said it was 1.75 miles and that my pace was 12:35. No, it wasn't. Add in the extra distance and I'm faster. 

Can I just take a minute to again comment on the ridiculous people on the Greenway? The last 2 weeks there have been tons of people on their kids, which great for them. Let the kids get out and get some fresh air. However,  I will push your 4 year old out of my way when they dart in front of my running self. I'm not falling on the trail because your kid is swinging a stick. 

AND what is up with the people feeding the seagulls at the lake??? Don't feed them an entire loaf of bread, they are poop machines and will dive bomb runners. Running through a flock of seagulls (heh heh) is never awesome and I swear if one of them poops on me I'll wipe it on your bread bag.

It was almost 60 degrees when I finished my run which is ridiculous in January. Just plain crazy, I didn't need a long sleeved shirt.

After I got home and showered I took Cleo to the dog park and she wanted to leave almost immediately. Why? because I gave her a new chewy treat before going on my run and she obsesses over them. She's convinced that the cats are going to steal them. Sigh....

Low-Carb Awesome Pancakes!
1 cup cottage cheese
1/3 cup Quest Nutrition Baking Mix
4 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 Tsp Coconut flour
2 tsp sugar or 2 tsp Truvia Baking mix

Blend until smooth in a food processor. Spread sum butter on the griddle and go to town! Add a few blueberries for a little added sweetness.

That's my weekend! Did you do anything exciting???

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Five Thing Friday!

Hello Friday!! I don't know about you but I am so ready for the weekend! Kev is out of ton a little and it's just me and Cleo and the cats. In case anyone is considering coming over to rob me... my really cute dog is super protective and doesn't take kindly to strangers.

If you happened to come over from the Angelos article, WELCOME! Thank you for taking the time to look at the magazine and actually type the blog address in your computer! The original blog post that started the whole thing can be found here. Again, thanks for stopping by!

On to 5 thing Friday! It's super random... love me.

1. If you hadn't deduced from my last post that I've been doing a lot of interviewing, you're right. So many people and so many bad resumes. I confess, I judge your grammar and sentence structure. Especially on your resume. My friend was telling me that when she interviews her favorite question to ask is, "What would you do in case of a zombie apocalypse?" I have 2 interviewees tomorrow and believe me, I'm asking it to both of them.

2. These are AMAZING! I'm typing this post with sea salt, truffle delicious fingers. Go to Trader Joe's, buy them and eat them.

3. Yesterday I made breakfast for my team. Ham, egg and cheese bake, apple french toast, blueberry muffins and lemon bread. You know what they like the best? The egg bake, "OMG, what was in it?" Eggs, cheese, ham, salt and pepper. "Ohhhh it must be the salt and pepper". Are there people in this world who DON'T put salt and pepper on their eggs???

4. A few weeks ago I had a nutritionist do my macros and she told me to eat 148 grams of carbs per day, Do you know what happens when I eat 148 grams of carbs?  I am STARVING all the time. Carbs make me more hungry which is absolutely ridiculous. For 3 weeks I couldn't stop eating. 2 weeks ago I gave up on the macros and went low carb. Since then I'm considerably less hungry and my pants are fitting much better. Kev went low carb and in 9 days lost 10 pounds.... Men...

5. As part of my #BeMoreCreative resolution I started doing something I hadn't done in a while, cross stitch. But I didn't want some boring cats/lighthouse/rainbow scene. Instead I found Grannie Panties on Etsy. Seriously, this is some needlepoint I could get into.

This will be my first creation.

It's going to be hung in my downstairs bathroom.

Stop by and say hi to Amanda! Have an awesome Friday!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

If you happened to come over from the Angelos article, WELCOME! Thank you for taking the time to look at the magazine and actually type the blog address in your computer! The original blog post that started the whole thing can be found here. Again. thanks for stopping by!

This week I wanted to drop by super quick and play along with Rebecca's Thankful Thursday!

1. I'm thankful that hopefully some people still stop by and read my blog even though I haven't been the best reciprocater in the last few weeks. Work is kicking my butt and I;m usually organized enough to have a little procrastination time during the day. Not so much anymore.

2. I'm thankful that I work for a company who is experiencing tremendous growth and is able to create multiple new positions and expand departments. I really like being able to give other people the opportunity to join out team

3. I am also thankful that someone sat me down and showed me how to write a proper resume before throwing me out into the world. And this was a time before Internet where we had to speak with people and get their opinions.

A few of the things I learned not to do:

  • List "Create flyers" as one of my areas of expertise on my resume. I actually make a pretty sweet flyer but you know what, it doesn't go on my resume.
  • Ignore spell check.  PLEASE, click on the little spell check button before you send a resume to a hiring manager. It's a small thing that means so much. You know what, I'm going to spell check this post right now.
  • Properly format my resume. Maybe print it out before sending, do all the fonts match? Oh wait, why is this thing bold? And this bullet clearly is a different font from the rest and much better written. You copied that from somewhere else. 
  • Spread it out over several pages. I had a small break down when my resume went to 3 pages and I've been working for quite some time. When you have 4 retail jobs, you can put all that on 1 sheet of paper. 
  • Don't smoke all the weed before an interview. I'm not dumb, I know you were high.

4. I'm super thankful that my boss listened to the small panic attack I had over the quality of resumes and interviewees I've had to deal with the last 2 weeks. I'm going to recruit my own people. I need to go to some networking events and find me some people who refrain from lighting a bowl until after the interview.

5. I hate even numbered lists. Thank you mild OCD.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Things I Learned at My First Audition in 20 Years

Happy Monday and happy MLK everyone! I hope some of you are enjoying a day off. I got to work a little early so I could type up this post before people got here and started wanting stuff from me.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that part of my New Year's resolution was to be more creative and to be fearless. I decided to take both of those head on when I auditioned for Rent at one of our local theaters last Friday night.

I put down I was interested in the role of Maureen, because it's really the best fit vocally, and I'm not a 19 year old heroin addicted stripper by any stretch of the imagination.

As I was waiting to audition, a few thoughts crossed my my mind.

1. Theater kids have not changed in the last 20 years. They all still know each other, they're constantly singing something and hugging each other.

I was in a bunch of shows back in the day and I totally get it. I knew I was in trouble when I was the oldest person there by a good 15 years. I know I skew young but I can't pass for 24.

I soon realized that I would be better suited for "Rent - Where are they now, 20 years later". It would be a really small cast though, just Maureen, Mark and Joanne. I'm a terrible person... If you're laughing, you're a terrible person too. 

2. People are still really ambitious with their song choices 

I heard at least 5 people sing Let it Go. As one of my FB friends said, "It's become the new On My Own". I know everyone really wants to sing Let it Go, but realistically there are a small handful of people who should. None of those people were there....

I prepared Take Me or Leave Me and The Winner Takes it All. At least 15 people sang Take me or Leave Me. At least..,  I only got to sing the first and in hindsight I should have gone with a different song.

3. I should have prepared a resume. Honestly though, I didn't have time to make one and really, I've done 3 things since 1995. Really, 3 things. I was in 2 musical reviews that Kev directed and that movie. I guess I could have buttered it up and coming in brand new it probably would have helped. Eh, maybe next time.

So, what happened? I felt really good about my audition, my voice was good and I was still slightly buzzed from the 2 shots I took before leaving the house. Mental note, vodka wears off when you have to wait 2 hours to audition, put some in your purse.

I didn't get a call back for a lead which is totally fine. I was by far too old for the rest of the cast. The cast list will be announced on the 27th and there's still a chance I could be cast in the chorus. I'd have to look at the rehearsal schedule and decide if  I'd want to spend endless hours with a bunch of kids in high school. Part of the show experience is the cast and I'm not sure if this show is the best fit for me. I don't think I'm done just yet. There are a lot of other companies in the area and who knows, Maybe I'll give one of them a shot. We'll see what the year holds!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Thing Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a crazy week for me. It was Spirit Week which is capping off with a Sales Summit today. Every day we dressed up for a different theme. Monday = Fav Sports Team, Tues = 80s Day, Weds = Super Hero Day, Thurs = Dress for Success.

Yesterday morning the cat woke me up at 5am banging on the door. I couldn't go back to sleep so I got dressed and went to work. Everything was awesome an I was planning on sneaking in a little blog love then I got an IM from the CEO.

It was fine, we talked about my team and his expectations which are mine as well. I've got some more changes to make to turn around the ship I received when I started. I ran to my boss afterwards and he said everyone gets their first Walter call, he just thought my first would be after I'd been there 6 months instead of two. Ahhhhhh..... Apparently that was my initiation, I'm a real manager now.

Alright, on to my 5 things.

1. Godiva is in the cone of shame because she's neurotic and rips the hair off her back side. The vet says she's hyper sensitive to allergens and told us some things to cut out and gave her a steroid and a cone. We tried to take it off Tues and she immediately went back to digging. On goes the cone again. I'm a terrible cat parent because I kinda like it. She can't hide under the bed because she doesn't fit and keeps banging her cone on the bed frame. Snicker....

2. After 4 months of letting my credit sit there I finally decided to get some stuff off Thread Up. I used my $44 credit and got 3 sweaters and a dress. I sent in a TON of stuff and I guess it's nice to get a little something back. I decided I needed more colors in my cardigan collection and this was a good way to get some new ones. I know how Loft, Gap and Old Navy fit me so they're generally a safe choice.

3. The reason I went on ThreadUp is because I've become a little obsessed with Get Your Pretty On. If you haven't been there before, Allison will have challenges where you can purchase a shopping list and hook up with other women who are rocking the Challenge. She really teaches you how to re-mix the items in your closet. I'm so bad at this. I always wear the same things together and she gives such great pointers on how to switch up your wardrobe. You have to sign up for her newsletter, she'll send you an old challenge with the shopping list.

4. Kev and I decided to go low carb to get rid of some of the extra pounds we ate in cookies over the holidays. I started a few days before him and I'm sure I'm down a little, but in 3.5 days he lost 5 pounds. Seriously, All I want to lose is 10-12 and he loses 5 in 3 days. Men suck. This morning I didn't feel like I was rolling over my jeans which is a good thing. It's really interesting how much of your mood for the day is based in how your pants fit. Loose pants, good day.

5. I have 4 open positions and need to find some people to hire. I've been looking at resumes and some of them are a hot mess. One dude, no lie, listed his 2 half marathons and a 5K in the Activity section. He also managed 3 inflatables and knows how to drive a forklift. I really want to interview him. There was another guy who worked at 3 retail jobs and had a 4 page resume. 4 pages... Not necessary buddy. I kinda want to reach out to them and offer my resume writing services for a low low price. I'm not going to hire you, but please let me help you. :)

Have a great Friday and go see Amanda over at Meet at the Barre!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm on a Two Hour Delay

Happy Wednesday all! I hope you're staying warm where ever you are! I'm enjoying a 2 hour delay because when you work in a small office there isn't a lot of bureaucracy when it comes to closing the office for inclement weather. Why you ask? Is there a blizzard in NC? Nope, we're going to have freezing rain because the temperature is going to get down to 30 degrees. We can't handle that down here because, well, we just can't. #noonecandriveinsnow #reallynotthathard #weonlyhavethreesnowplows

No lie, this was last year.

Alright time for some confessions.

1. It's spirit week at work because we're getting ready for a big Sales Summit, Every day there;s a different theme and today was 80s. I almost didn't dress up because I didn't feel like finding an outfit. Then I realized I could rock a giant sweater and leggings and anytime you can wear leggings to work is always a good thing.

That's Kev's Cosby sweater and he loves it. Thank the Lord that thing is hot as can be because he would wear it ALL THE TIME. #donthavecoffewithcosby

2. I looked all over the house for a scrunchie and unfortunately I couldn't find one. I really tried though, this was as big as I could get my hair. I needed some hot rollers or a perm to make it bigger. Confession, it's impossible to get anything done at work sporting a side ponytail. Don't even try to have a one on one

3. I've seen a lot of posts about why you should embrace the January resolutioners at the gym. I get it, everyone started somewhere. but you know what? I want my damn machine. I hate that there isn't an open treadmill and I hate the people who put their equipment too close at Body Pump class. I can't wait for February. #getoffmymachine

4. I've been looking at all these people who decorate the pages of their planners. Seriously, stickers and washi tape for the days of the week and creating a dashboard for the month page. I'm lucky that I remember to write in the stuff I'm supposed to be doing, let alone decorate the pages. But you know what? I can't stop looking at them and thinking about decorating my planner too. It's kinda like a mini scrapbook that you carry with you AND it's a great way for me to use the stamping supplies in my craft room. #cuteortoomuchtimeonmyhands

5. It's super strange when you're going to bathroom and the cat busts in and proceeds to take a poop in the liter box. There's an awkward moment when you make eye contact then he starts grunting.

6. I love my Monday night Body Pump instructor. She always complements me on my form and Monday night she said she really noticed how hard I was pushing myself and upping my weights. I upped my bicep, triceps and squat weights. I can't move my arms and I crawled up the stairs to bed but yay for pushing yourself!

7. I don't understand why so many people here can't drive in the snow, Seriously, 50% of the people here are from the North, we know what it takes! and WHY does everyone have to get bread and milk??? It's not like we'll be trapped in the house for days. The snow/ice ALWAYS melts in the afternoon.

By the way, my Silence of the Lambs loving employee mentioned today that he had a shed where he "stored things". If I ever turn up missing, look in the shed!

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