Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TFG App Review

As a sweat Pink Ambassador I was recently given the opportunity to review The Fitness Games App. I liked the concept behind the app, you invite friends to join and you can challenge them to the workouts or challenge yourself. Personally I'm more of a solitary worker-outer so for me, virtual friends at the gym are fine with me.

There are a few different options that you can access by tapping on the icons.

I really liked the Full Body and Strength training workouts. It's been well documented that I have no idea what to do at the gym and usually end up doing some sort of cardio either on the elliptical or treadmill. I have no idea what do with the weights, how many reps or which parts I should focus on and I LOVED that the app told me exactly what to do.

I did the Les Go and Get Shredded last week and I have to say, I got a pretty decent calorie burn and my shoulders were sore for quite a few days afterward.

I do love my Cardio and really liked that it was an option as well.

My honest feedback? I enjoyed the workouts and I'm really happy to have some other options at the gym; however,  I was not a fan of the challenges, either against other people or for myself. I'm a competitive person and they just did not work for me.
One of the other testers challenged me to a run, which was cool, but it was on Weds morning. I had Weds scheduled as a rest day and was unable to respond. My next run day was on Saturday and by then the challenge had expired. I felt bad that it seemed like I just blew off her request.
The ones I did on my own I chose the option to challenge myself and it gave me a time in which I should complete the workout. I actually found that to be pretty difficult. Not because of my fitness level, that wasn't a problem, it was actually finding the machines in my gym. In each workout I needed to complete the circuit 3 times but it wasn't possible in a gym full of people to go from a bench to a machine to a burpee. Since I am so competitive I didn't like that my time was slowed down because I had to wait for people to return the weights I needed or get off a machine.
The other issue I had was that the app would time out and I'd lose all my data. I was doing the circuit the first day and it said to plank for a minute. I left the app, went to my timer, did the plank, huffed for while, went back and all my info was gone. The timer had stopped the challenge and nothing was saved. I was almost finished and pretty cranky.
I had a similar problem with the outdoor run. Saturday I chose "running outdoors", and said I would do 3.5 miles. I left the app to go to Pandora and took off on my run. I checked in at the 2 mile mark and the app said I'd only ran for 8 seconds. I guess it needed to be in the app for the time to log? Grrr...
As part of the testing program we received additional workouts but the basic app only comes with a few workouts. You can purchase additional ones for .99 but you don't know what's in the session until after it's purchased.
Like I said, I really liked having new workouts my phone but that was about it. If you'd like more info, check out the website here or in the App store
Friday, September 26, 2014

Five thing Friday

Happy Friday!

I think we're all saying this, but how the HECK is it almost October already?? I took out all of my fall and Halloween decorations 2 weeks ago and put them in a pile in the living room. I thought I would only put out the fall stuff and on October 1st add the Halloween. Welp, it looks like that didn't happen. At least one corner of the house is decorated.

I love 5 thing Friday, mainly because it's Friday and 5 is a nice number. Not too many, not too few. My mild to moderate OCD appreciates it.

1. At work we only get to wear jeans the last Friday of every month. This is a huge departure from my old job where the engineers wore jorts nearly every day (jean shorts). It makes me wonder if I truly "need" all of the pairs of jeans I have in my drawer right now. Since today is jean day, I'm definitely rocking a pair and am slightly more casual than usual top. Then I realized I have to interview someone today. Ooops. You in your suit and me in my gray skinny jeans. As least it's better than an interview I had where the manager was wearing jeans and a ratty Bills sweatshirt (I got the job).

2. Wednesday for lunch my co-workers and I went to Cowfish for lunch, which is delicious and amazing. They told one of my employees,who was off that day, that we would be there. He showed up and sat at the bar in what I'm pretty sure were the same clothes he wore yesterday. Oh, to be 23 again.

3. I just realized that I'm on a work tangent but I really think the cleaning ladies have some serious ninja skills. The last 2 mornings I headed to the closest restroom only to find it being cleaned. I walked down the hall to the other one and I'm in there not even 3 minutes and she's banging on the door. WTH??? How did she make it there that quickly???

4. I bought a pair of pants last weekend and I'm afraid they mean that I've given up on life. They're burgundy dress pull on pants. (shame face) So let me back up, they're not knit (thank God) and a flattering cut. They came in numbered sizes, not S/M/L, so I bought them in an actual size (10), which might be the only thing that saves me. I have very similar pants from other places, they just have a button and zipper. These do not. I'm always wary of pull on pants. They're very forgiving and if you're not careful, they turn into the the only thing you wear. Buttons keep you honest.

5. This isn't new but I love me some People's Court. Judge Milian is my girl. Well, I've been DVRing them and watching in the evening sometimes. Then thing about People's Court its the station figures that since you're watching a court show, you must be interested in all things legal; from needing an attorney to filing for bankruptcy. They also run commercials for people who may be eligible to sue for past medical procedures. I've seen so many of them it's gotten to the point that I think I might qualify. I keep asking Kev if I've ever had a bladder sling or needed vaginal mesh. I have no idea what either are, but I might have them and can be compensated for my loss.

 Have a great weekend!
Pull on pants, would you wear them to work?
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I've got a few notions

Happy Wednesday!!

It's a gloomy day here in NC and I was legitimately cold when I walked Cleo this morning. She was dancing around enjoying the breeze and I was looking for a parka. Maybe that's an exaggeration, it was only 58.

Any who, I didn't have time to type this post last night but I love Wednesday Confessions so much, I had to bust one out this morning.

Confessions, I have what Kev likes to call "notions". The thing about my "notions" is that after all these years in sales, I'm pretty convincing when I make a statement and it might cause other people to take my notions as fact.

Disclaimer - These ridiculous ideas are all my own and may or may not be true. I happen to absolutely believe they are.

There are certain celebrities who I think "smell". Just looking at them I'm pretty sure they don't bathe or if they do, don't get all the places they should be scrubbing. Or maybe they like the earthy smell of themselves. Either way, I think if you passed them on the street or in the grocery store, you'd say, "Holy Crap! There's...." "sniff sniff OMG do you smell that?" On my list are: Matthew McConaughey, Lady Gaga and Courtney Love. Alicia Silverstone is on there too, but that's not a notion, a lot of reports say that she went all vegan and earthy and really does smell. Kev also adds Drew Barrymore to the list.

There are some celebrities who I think are the same people. They have no discernible differences for me and if I were a casting director they would be interchangeable. For example, Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. In the late 90s, early 2000s, they were each in several things. Don't ask me who was in what.

Recently I saw adds for the new NCIS and I guess Scott Bakula has a new gig? They were showing him and Mark Harmond and for me, they're the same person. Reached their peak in the 80s and have been able to keep working in other moderately successful shows since then. I think they both drive sensible cars, or a non flashy SUV, like a Toyota Forerunner.

See, same person.
BTW, searching for pictures of Scott Bakula brings up many shirtless in the 80s, trying to be sexy but failing with your really hairy chest pictures.

In Pittsburgh there's a part of town known as the Strip District. There are tons of amazing food shops and (I think it's still) where the restaurant people go to get their produce and meat. For years I was convinced that everything down there closed at noon. They opened early so people could shop before the day started and closed early. I told Kev this for a while. When we were in Pittsburgh for our wedding he ventured over to the Strip District and discovered that everything is open until 6. He was a little miffed that he believed me. In my defense, I'm pretty sure my mom told me that and it MAY have been the case years and years ago. Even though I've been there several times since, I'm not convinced that they're open every day.


Bookies are legal. This one isn't my fault. I really thought that bookies were legal until I was 23. My dad's bookie was at my high school graduation party. I "know" they aren't but I still kinda think they are.

Do you have any crazy notions?
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1900 Kids and Counting

We have a lot of spiders at our house. Seriously, a lot of freaking spiders. They have webs everywhere. We even have those big ass zipper spiders. (just Google it) They're on the side of the house, in the light fixtures, the windows, heck they try to come into the house and make webs too. 

We try to keep them under control and I'm sure we could spray but I think that spiders are one of those insects that while creepy, serve some really important purpose in the ecosystem. I'm afraid that if we kill the spiders we'll get some crazy locust or biblical plague type bug.

A few days ago I noticed a spider had made a web on our bathroom window. I also discovered that you can't take a picture of the web on your window because your iPad insists on focusing on the trees. Every time I'm in the bathroom I think about cleaning the window and getting rid of the webs. Then I leave and completely forget.

I noticed the spider a few weeks ago doing her spider thing, catching bugs, killing them, all that good stuff, then I noticed a few brown ball things that appeared, but I didn't think anything of it. But then the spider stopped moving, she just kinda hung out in one place and didn't do much.

WAIT! I know what's happening! Because like all good 2nd graders I read Charlotte's Web. Every thing I know I learned from that book. Needless to say I was pretty excited because I was gonna get a message! I thought "Put The Seat Down" or "You Missed a Spot" would have been really helpful and location appropriate.

Those brown balls that I thought were dead insects were probably egg sacs! Which means that 100s of baby spiders will hatch and fly into the woods. Good Lord. And now I can't clean the window, because I'm not killing 1 spider, it's 100s

Well, the other day I noticed that one of the egg sacs had opened and there were SOOOO MANY tiny baby spiders! I was fascinated and horrified. OMG, the house is going to be covered in webs. The good news is in a few days I'll be able to say that I'm decorating the house for Halloween instead of admitting that I don't clean the outside of the house.

The spider is still there and she's hanging out with the last egg sac. I really thought they only made one of those. My spider is the 1900 Kids and Counting of insect world. Awesome. 

And I never did get my message.

Did you read Charlotte's Web?

Monday, September 22, 2014

I only gave it a 42% chance of succeeding

For everyone that knows us, it's pretty obvious that Kev and I have pretty different tastes when it comes to a lot of things. I like a few colors and Kev loves all the colors. It's cool and we can usually compromise, but there have been a few instances where we've disagreed, the biggest being on our dishes. 

Growing up we always had Corelle, heck, who didn't have Corelle? My first set of dishes was the Corelle with the green ivy border. Come on now, who didn't have that set or know someone who did? I had that set when he and I started dating and it was one of the things he wanted to get rid of immediately. As soon as we moved to NC, we donated it to the church. Sometimes I go there to visit them. Kev loves heavy stoneware. I don't dislike it, I just prefer to be able to hold 3 dishes in one hand at a time but what I really hate are the chips. Stoneware chips. Immediately. It makes me insane. Every single one of our dishes are chipped. We've had 3 sets of stoneware dishes in 9 years and they're all chipped and trashed.

For our anniversary we decided to get new dishes. The last time we picked out dishes, it took us 3 years. Seriously, 3 years. I didn't have high hopes that we would be successful. I put it at 42%, Kev put it at 100%. 

I learned a lot about dishes on Saturday. I learned that all stoneware chips and it will always chip. WTF? Why do they make it if it chips???  Why can't things last longer than 3 years? The manager at Macy's told us that if we really didn't want dishes to chip to buy Corelle. :/ No. no no no no. I also learned that Porcelain was pretty chip resistant. YAY! The only problem, it only comes in white. Just a boring white. 

After 3 stores and we finally had dishes!! 

Yes, they're all white. Thank you Target! Target has a procelain collection that hopefully will hold up a little longer than the last. I love that they have little bumps on them. When we pair them with some colored accent pieces, it will be lovely.

I also found these at Dillards. They were on clearance for $1.26 apiece. For $1.26, I couldn't resist. 

Completely unrelated, every single, and I mean every single one had at least one sticker on it. I busted out the doTerra oils. Any citrus oil will help dissolve stickers and it really does. I was amazed at how easily they came off.

 Saturday morning I went for a run, and I went again on Sunday. Saturday I was so excited to be running and it was 64 degrees, I might have gone a little too fast. Like faster than I had any right to be going. My first mile was 10:04 and I was cranky that I should have been 5 seconds faster. This is why runners have issues. Then I ran some more and by 2.5 I wanted to pass out. I'm still a little run down from my sick and the 2 cosmo dinner probably didn't help either.

But damn I love seeing those 10s on the screen.

Sunday I rolled it back a little.

And thought all morning about running another .10 or .60 to make it an even 4.5 or 5.

I had 7 on the schedule today and that just wasn't happening. I'm getting a little nervous about my half training. Being sick threw a huge wrench in my training, especially since I'm already on a shortened schedule. I'm going to try a 6 miler this week and see how it goes. I really want to do City of Oaks but there's another half in Raleigh 2 weeks later. I might have to roll it back and do that one instead. Grrr, and the very worst case scenario would be to do the Skinny Turkey half on Thanksgiving. Mainly becauseI ran it 2 years ago and that course is freaking hilly. (Who puts a big-ass hill at mile 13?!?!)

After my run I went to Whole Foods because they keep breakfast on the hot food bar longer than normal. Noooommmm, challah french toast. I love you Whole Foods.

After the baby sprinkle this afternoon I stopped at Super Target and saw this.

No no no no no. Nasty. I love bacon and maple things but when Betty Crocker puts fake bacon flavor in frosting? no.

What did you do this weekend?

Would you eat fake maple bacon cookies?

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Friday, September 19, 2014

I might have to go dumpster diving

I was trying to think of a topic today and I realized there seems to be 2 schools of blog thought. One is where you just talk all about your day and provide a snapshot into your life and the rest is blogging on a topic.

I have to confess, blogging about a topic is much easier than trying to capture your day. I think it's because I don't think my days are very interesting. I get up, walk the dog, go to work, maybe go to the gym, eat dinner, maybe watch TV and surf the interwebs and go to bed. Sadly, not terribly interesting.

I'm all for a new genre, brain dump! Where else can I put my random thoughts?

This week I did a lot of sitting on my ass. Then again, where else would I sit? But really, I've been dealing with this lingering crud and it gave me a sore throat and lots of sleepiness. I think that 35% of my daily caloric intake has come in the form of throat lozengers.

My entire life I called it a lozenger. Come to find out, it's lozenge. Apparently in the Northern Panhandle of WV / Western PA we add an R to to the end for no good reason. I continue to add the R because Kev rolls his eyes when I do.

LOOK! Courtesy of  Pittsburghese.com
Lozenger Lozenge. (Submitted by Joy Buzzelli, Pittsburgh)

Thank you Joy.

My mother in law is visiting this week which is pretty awesome. We love having her here and this trip signifies that she's been here enough times that Cleo is convinced she's not here to kill us. Cleo does still try to herd her into other rooms but the lack of side eye is pretty nice.

For an anniversary present we're getting new dishes. The last time we got new dishes it took us 3 years to pick them out. Kev likes heavy plates with an interesting design. I prefer not to get an arm cramp when carrying my plate and food. I caved and we got heavy plates, and they all chipped, one by one. I HATE chipped plates. It makes me all ragey. I like to point out that Corelle doesn't chip but Kev says they feel like college. We'll see if we end up with dishes or are eating off paper plates.

Last night I learned that you can put Chapstick on your had and when they stamp you for being under 21 you can go wipe it off. WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THIS????? We had Chapstick in the 90s! Ugh, this would have upped my quality of life in college, annnnd probably lowered my GPA.

There's a runner who passes Cleo and I every morning while she's mid poop. Today he ran by and said "Good Morning, it's a beautiful day for a run!". I wanted to trip him. Yes, it's 65 with a glorious cloud cover. Running would be fantastic at 7am. But nooooo some of us have to go to work and can't run in the morning because they are sweaty messes and poor hygiene is frowned upon in the workplace.
Damn right.

One of my friends is having a baby sprinkle (She had a shower for her first, so this is a sprinkle, cute name) and I have no idea what to get her. She's a huge proponent of reusing, recycling and reducing which I think is fantastic. I wish I could be more like that. Instead I always forget my reusable bags and pick up Cleo's poop with plastic Target bags. I guess I could stop picking it up and let the poo go back into the earth? It's the Circle of Poo Life.

I want to follow the theme but I'm so bad at it. I could make something, but I waited until the last minute and that's not going to happen. I could scout out some garage sales for baby stuff? I could also go to a consignment store? Yea, let's be honest, not gonna happen. Can I just put some cash in a card?

UPDATE - There's an Amazon registry and I have Amazon Prime! Cue choirs of angels!!

Tonight we're taking my MIL out to dinner at Vinnnie's. The seriously have the best steak in town, but more that that, they have hands down, the best Cosmo in the Triangle. Perhaps I only think they have the best steak because I'm 2 drinks in when my food arrives?

That's right, just a nice light flush of pink. I didn't order a vodka and cranberry.
That's all peeps! Have a Happy Friday!
Oh, I still haven't heard from the winner of the Lawson's Gift Card. If I don't soon, I'll draw another winner. Thanks!
Does your part of the country pronounce things differently than other parts?
Do you remember your reusable bags at the grocery store?
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If we were having coffee - Confession

I've seen this floating around the internets for a while now and I thought it was a fun idea. If we were having coffee, what would we talk about? Coffee and confessions, why not!

If we were having coffee, you'd probably be a little embarrassed by my drink order. Well, not really my order, it'd be all the clarifying questions I'd ask. Do you have almond milk, how many pumps of syrup do you put in that, is there soy in there? Then I wouldn't order any of that and get a large coffee with cream. Hopefully it's a flavored coffee. If not I'll make a sad face but then again I probably suggested a place with delicious flavored coffee.

If we were having coffee I'd tell you all about my new favorite show, Jersey Belle. Jamie is NJ born and bred, living in Alabama and she makes me pee my pants, and miss the North. Favorite quote? "These people would monogram a panty liner if you'd let them". So true Jamie, so true. BTW, I have no idea how to search for gifs. I KNOW there's one of her making this statement somewhere but damned if I can find it.

Every so often we have to head back to the land of real bagels and diners. I think a trip to NYC and NY are in our near future.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you how one of my employees quit the other day. We had a little come to Jesus meeting and they quit 2 hours later. I really felt like I'd leveled up or unlocked a new skill, People don't usually quit immediately after. It usually takes a little longer than that. Maybe I'm getting better at this!

(That would have been really impressive)

If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I sometimes develop irrational dislikes for people, Not people I know, but celebrities. I can't staaaaaand Eric Whitacre. For those of you who aren't familiar, Whitacre is a well known composer of toodely doo music. I don't sing in groups but know a lot of people who do and EVERYONE loves his music. Seriously, EVERYONE. I'd rather take a sharp stick to my ear than sit through one of his compositions.

(I hate even posting a link to one of his compsositions, but you have to understand.)

Kev has the same issue. He can't stand Stacy London from "What not to Wear". Like really, really can't stand her, and for no good reason. A few years ago a new outlet mall opened up near us and she was there on the Grand Opening. I turned away for a minute and he made his way to where she was signing autographs. I found him just as he announced, "Wow, she looks tired, do you think she looked tired?" Sign, one of the worst things you can say to a woman, and I know she heard him. He hates Sarah Jessica Parker too,

(Sorry, this just makes me chuckle)

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that I've been a little sick the past few days. I haven't been to the gym since Thursday and haven't ran in even longer. I skipped my  6 miler on Sunday and I'm really not happy about it. I know running would have been a really bad idea but I need to take advantage of the beautiful running weather we've been having. I woke up on Sunday and almost cried because it was perfect. Overcast and 60s :(

Then when we finish, I might get another coffee to go. Because, you know, more coffee.

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